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We provide a holistic solution that starts in the field and ends with bio-products

Chemtex has developed break-through technology ProesaTM process to transform ligno-cellulosic biomass into second-generation ethanol.

Chemtex provides a holistic solution that starts in the field and ends with bio-products. ProesaTM is a complex undertaking requiring integration of different sciences ranging from biochemistry and biotechnology to agronomy and botany, from engineering to chemistry, from technology development to process modeling and from biomass supply chain logistics to product off-take. 

Due to the efficiency of ProesaTM process, we expect to deliver market-leading cost of sugars without subsidies, helping speed widespread adoption of bio-products. 


About ProesaTM

Process for cost-effective conversion of non-food biomass to sugars

ProesaTM process is a break-through technology that produces low cost fermentable sugars from cellulosic biomasses for the production of ethanol and bio-chemicals. The process is based on 4 main steps: pre-treatment, hydrolysis, fermentation and distillation. It takes non-foodchain crops, or feedstocks, like Arundo donax (giant reed) or agricultural waste material (like sugarcane bagasse, corn straws, wheat straws), and ‘softens them up’ to turn them into separate streams of different types of sugary liquids. The technology is unique in that it offers significant capital and operating cost benefits compared with other second generation technologies in the marketplace.

Benefits of ProesaTM

High flexibility

Process parameters can be adapted to many types of LCB including energy crops, agricultural wastes, selected woody biomass and sugar cane bagasse, ensuring excellent access to polysaccharides.

Easy to scale up

ProesaTM can be easily adapted to large scale production.

 No chemicals

Only water vapor is used to free polysaccharides from LCB. No acids or chemicals are used. No special materials of construction are required and the environmental impact of the process is minimized.

Cost effective

By taking a holistic approach from field to product, the ProesaTM process combines simplicity, flexibility and operability to achieve a break-through with regards to lowering capital expenditure and operating costs.

ProesaTM A Verified technology – Crescentino plant

M&G group, the parent company of Chemtex, has invested and constructed the first second-generation bio-ethanol commercial scale production plant in the world employing ProesaTM technology at Crescentino, Italy. The plant has been designed to produce 60,000 tons per year of ethanol, and started operations in 2013. It is worth to pointing out that lignin extracted from biomass during the ethanol production process can be used in an integrated cogeneration plant that will produce 13MW of green power.

Our primary reason for having built a commercial scale plant is to use it to present technology and to eliminate any errors. Based on the experience from Crescentino, we can provide to our customers a verified technology. 

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