After-Sale Service

Chemtex has a quick-response, professional and well-equipped after-sale service team. Our services are successfully delivered through our experienced technical team located in our global operational centers as well as near the project sites.


Our on line project management system connects our global resources to meet every need of our client. Chemtex's technical experts and resources are available 24/7, and we commit to make immediate response to client’s requests. Upon the requests for customer service, in case of equipment error, will be response within one working day, and the experienced technical personnel will be arrive at site within two working days for examining and maintenance.

Post-Project Support 

Chemtex, together with our partner, offer the following post-project support services to help clients reduce their operational costs and maximize revenues through their association with Chemtex and our partner. The availability and cost of these services will be discussed on a case by case basis.


Plant Engineering Services

Chemtex can provide complete plant engineering services or can assist your plant engineering staff via audits, seminars, training programs, or via on-site assignments to:

Implement plant upgrades

Assure compliance with the latest safety and environmental standards

Assure optimum functional organization and individual skills    

Share latest maintenance systems technology

Provide skills for special problems or opportunities


Emergency Services

Chemtex and our partner are able and willing to provide support in case of emergency or natural disasters. Our experts are familiar with the equipment and processes, and can quickly make effective judgments and recommendations for the best remedial action.


Technical Improvements Support 

Chemtex and our parner can provide engineering and process support to implement improvements provided under the technology transfer agreement.


Procurement Services 

Chemtex and our partner have ongoing relationships with essentially all of the qualified vendors, and often have some quantity of the right spare parts and operating and maintenance materials in stock. Process equipment can usually be procured quickly through Chemtex worldwide sourcing, and the extensive experience of Chemtex facilitates exporting of equipment and materials to meet critical timing needs.