After having spent over 28 years in the Technology Transfer business with Chemtex in various roles, my convictions remain the same.  I strongly believe that we must help our clients grow their manufacturing business through building economically viable plants that are suitable for local environment.  We achieve this through good Technology, sound Engineering and Project Management practices.

We are fortunate enough to have participated in the industrial growth of developing and developed countries such as China, India, S. E. Asia and African regions.  Through this experience, we have developed relationships and trust with major companies and clients, either as new comers or expansion of their existing manufacturing facilities.  Over the past three decades, diverse cultures, regional business practices, local regulations that vary from country to country have become daily part of our lives.  As we work on multiple projects at any given time that are spread across the globe, we must be sensitive to clear communications, understanding the client needs and the goals that will lead to successful projects.  We are proud of my team that has delivered high performance and value to our clients.  In several instances, we have worked hand in hand with our clients to help them with vertical integration and this initiative helps us expand / diversify our technology portfolio.

To serve our clients in an effective manner, majority of them being in the Asian regions, we have instigated major growth in our offices in Shanghai, China and Bengaluru, India.  Most of the leadership is now located in Shanghai, this being our headquarters. 

We strive to help our clients grow their business through innovative technologies that result in highly competitive chemical manufacturing facilities.