Company Profile


For the past 70 years, we have served our global clients to grow the polymers, fibers, gas processing and other chemicals businesses.  This growth is results from our Technology Transfer strategies.  To us, ‘Technology Transfer’ is taking commercially proven technologies to the next level through scale up, applicability to local constructability and operability needs, modernized energy saving concepts and building a highly cost-effective facility that will produce the products that meet or exceed market requirements.  In partnership with our reputed technology licensors, we are in a position to successfully implement the Technology Transfer process.  Our technology partners are highly reputed and have worked with us for many years.

As our markets are predominantly located in Asia and other high growth regions, we have built significant engineering, project management and procurement expertise in Shanghai, China (established in 1980’s) and Bengaluru, India (established in 1970’s).  These locations today have a combined strength of about 300 talented personnel that understand the local needs and can effectively deliver high value projects.  Our US office focuses on licensor interface, overall project management, procurement and technology support to our teams in China and India.  With a fully integrated organization that operates in multiple time zones, we effectively manage our commitments to our clients.




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Our client base is spread across the world and our experience base spreads across multiple countries and diverse cultures.  Understanding the client expectations and a flexible commercial approach to contracting that would result in a successful project is a key element of our business.  A ‘successful project’ to us means one that has met the project goals of quality, safety, schedule and cost and ultimately leads to client satisfaction.  These key project elements have led to Chemtex winning multiple projects from many clients.