CHEMTEX GLOBAL CORPORATION is a Technology and Engineering company with over 70 years of global experience in providing world class technologies for intermediate chemicals, polymers and gas processing.  Coupled with our expertise in providing technologies suitable for local markets, we provide state of the art design packages, high quality equipment and technical services that enhance the project economics based on local environment.  We help our clients grow their existing manufacturing businesses with upstream – downstream integration in order to improve their business profitability.

Founded in 1947 by ex-DuPont employees, our business strategy has focused on technology oriented projects that provide high growth potential to our clients.  Over the past 7 decades, we have successfully delivered over 200 projects in China, Asia, Middle East, Europe and the Americas.  Our credentials remain strong and many global companies have utilized Chemtex for multiple projects over the years.

Our operations in United States, China and India, with over 300 experienced personnel provide our services to clients globally.  Our expertise are focused on Project Management, Engineering, Procurement and Technical Services for construction and plant start up.  Most importantly, we focus on client satisfaction through controlling schedule, cost, safety and quality.

Our Global Management Team consists of highly experienced members that have grown with this business. We truly believe in the value that we bring to our global clients.